Baptist church was established in South Africa in 1820 during the arrival of the British settlers, amongst them there were 20 Baptists and they noticed that no Baptist denomination existed in this country. The first Baptist church was established in Salem, 20km South of Grahamstown, now called Makhanda.

In 1868 the missionaries were sent to a village called Tshabo and the mission station was built there. Since then many Baptist churches were planted all over South Africa. In 1892 Baptist Union of South Africa was formed, which is the mother body where Baptist churches are affiliated.

Langa Baptist Church

In 1949 the first Black Baptist church in the Western Cape was established, that church is Langa Baptist church, the one you visited.

Rev. L Lukhukho

1950 – 1964

The 1st Pastor at Langa Baptist Church

Rev. D Mburwana

1965 – 1970

Rev. S Bata

1971 – 1981

Rev. MS Dwaba

1982 – 2010

Rev. SM Zondi

2010 – Present

From the 4th July 2010, Rev. SM Zondi took over as the Senior Pastor of the church.