21 Days of Abundance Fast- Day 5

Main Scriptures: John 10:10; Exodus 15:26; 3John 1:2; Jeremiah 30:17; Psalm 10:3; Psalm 30:2; Hebrews 12:13; Proverbs 4:20-22; Psalm 107:20; 1John5:14-15; Romans 8:32; Matthew 8:16, 12:15, 18:18; Acts 10:38; Acts 28:8; Matthew 10:1, 4:23.

Divine health

Jesus’ mission in life is summarized clearly in the book of John10:10. There Jesus says He came on earth that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Good health is a package of that abundant life Jesus was talking about. What use is it for one to be wealthy but lack good health to enjoy that wealth? God’s plan is that we may walk in divine health, infact not even one of Jesus’ disciples died of an illness. When you’re a child of God you should deny sickness in your body because good health is your inheritance.

But we do get sick because of ignorance, the way we do things; because of our lifestyle and genetic illnesses. As a child of God you should live a life full of good health but that is dependent on you. You can not live an unhealthy lifestyle and be disobedient to God and expect good health. In Exodus 15 God promises His people good health if they would obey Him and all His statues, He says He will heal them because He is the God that heals all diseases. He is Jehova Rapha- He heals our souls and even the deepest wounds in our hearts that psychologist and people can not reach. We must trust in His healing power- know that God can heal all diseases! He himself says it in His Word. When we call on Him He heals us. You need to only believe on the finished work of Calvary; believe that Jesus died on the cross and paid the price for our health.

How do we get over sickness?
God’s words are life and health to a man’s body. When you’re sick take a dose of God’s Word because that is what you need. Find scriptures that talk about healing and declare them over your life. Psalm 107:20 says; He sent us His Word and healed us and delivered us from the grave, God’s word has healing power.

If God gave us His only begotten Son, how can He not give us good health when we ask Him to. He desires that we may enjoy good health. Believe, obey and declare His Word.

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Baptist Business International Network

Our vision is to raise Kingdom-minded business men and women who will possess wealth in the market place through a Christ-centered business network: In Christ, By Christ, For Christ. To register your business click here.

Men of Faith

In their walk with Christ men are faced with challenges such as culture, identity, marriage, sex, being a father, money, temptations, myths and many more. ‘Men of Faith’ is a fellowship of men that deals with these challenges and provides practical solutions from a perspective of God. Men meet regularly to share experiences and speak freely about challenges facing men today.

Women Of Faith

Like men, women are also faced with challenges such as culture, identity, marriage, sex, being a mother, money, temptations, myths and many more. This ministry therefore deals with these challenges and provides practical solutions from a perspective of God. It also aims at developing women to be leaders in the market place and in society. Women meet regularly to share experiences and speak freely about challenges facing them today.

Children's Ministry

This ministry aims to build a strong Christian foundation to children (3 to 13 years) so that they may grow up knowing God and holding Him in the highest regard. It is also a preparatory ground for developing young minds so that they can make wise decisions as they mature and facing challenges of the world.

Teen's Ministry

This ministry aims to help teens (14 – 17 years) discover their value as human beings and to prepare them to make choices in life that will move them toward their God-given purpose.

Youth Ministry

This ministry aims to develop dynamic young Christians (18 – 25 years) who will positively impact the church, community and the society at large.

Young Adults Ministry

The aim of this ministry is to equip young adults to declare, communicate, and demonstrate the purpose, power, precepts, and principles of the Kingdom of God. It offers power worship experience coupled with a life-changing word from God, and a wonderful opportunity for young adults to fellowship.


This is the ministry to single adults between 45 – 60 years of age. It seeks to encourage single adults to discover God’s purpose for their lives as “whole individuals” through their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Also it equips single adults with training and resources that build personal integrity and character and empowers them by providing opportunities for them to serve God.

Seniors Ministry

This ministry is focused mainly on retired and the elderly folk (over 60 years), from all walks of life, and so ALL are welcome who fit into this category.

Family and Marriage Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to equip married couples on issues of marriage, thereby strengthening family relations. Married couples meet on a regular basis to discuss, advice each other, comfort each other, share experiences on marital issues and pray for each other. Some of the married couples in our church never went for marriage counseling before saying “I do” and when their marriage foundations are shaken they find themselves wanting and this ministry, indirectly, comes in very handy and act as support structure and save dying or threatened marriages.


It is about giving praises and adorations to God the Almighty through music using musical instruments dancing, clapping hands and lead the church into the presence of the Lord.


Langa Baptist intercessors come together in one accord to seek God’s will for His church, community and the country. It’s a group of believers dedicated to prayer, talking to God about all the problems we encounter or challenges we come across e.g. Church, families, communities, Government, countries/world, etc

School of Ministry

This ministry focuses in ushering people and directing them to their sits. Comforting those who are down at heart and lifting up their spirits. Responding to general queries about the church and referring them to relevant people or church officials.


This ministry seeks to impact people’s lives with the Word of God through the presentation of praise and worship. The music ministry challenges singers and musicians to glorify the Lord with their gifts by writing and ministering their own praise and worship music.


The purpose of the Audio/Sound Ministry is to effectively provide quality sound and audio production of all worship services and events.


This ministry is responsible for the production of church newsletter; graphic design; web development, Video, CD and DVD production; broadcast information about the church and producing professional and cultural relevant communication tools.


The purpose of this ministry is to provide for a safe environment for all our members and visitors while they are in scheduled services. This ministry attempts to take away distractions from members and visitors concerning personal safety and property protection so that attention can be devoted to worshipping the Lord during services.

The reason for a security ministry at Langa Baptist Church is that the world, and specifically our community, has become increasingly more violent and subject to crimes against persons and properly. Churches across the nation have experienced crimes to which the average criminal today holds no conviction to exempt a church from any criminal goal or intention.

Hospitality Ministry

The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to offer the love of Christ to our guests and welcome them in such a way that they would be transform from strangers into friends.

The word hospitality literally means love of strangers and is found several times in the New Testament (Romans 12:13; 1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:8; 1 Peter 4:9).

Evangelism and Missions

The church is reaching out to the lost of our city with the love of God and the message of salvation through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Mathew 28:19 is our foundation Scripture. Evangelism team goes into streets, hospitals and homes of our city to minister the gospel to people in every walk of life. Also our Senior Pastor is passionate about missions, every year the church sends him into missionary trip in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Ministry to the Internationals

Langa Baptist Church has been blessed to have a number of countries represented in its congregation. This Ministry seeks to serve the specific needs of the International folk who visit our church.